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What’s for dinner?

Eat Well, Eat Healthy and Lose The Unwanted Weight Without Sacrificing Flavor or Counting Calories! RHR Daily is the Only Automated Menu Planning, Recipe, and Grocery List System Designed For Home Cooks Who Want to Make Clean, Low Carb, Grain-Free Dishes Guaranteed To Taste Better Than Restaurant “Comfort Foods”.

Perks of Membership

  • Get Diana’s Newest Weekly Menus and grocery Lists Every Week
  • Never Wonder What’s For Dinner and If You’re Family Is Going To Like It
  • Receive a new digital cookbook once a month packed with new, healthy, delicious recipes.
  • Lose Unwanted Weight Without Sacrificing Flavor Or Counting Calories
  • Choose from Main Dishes, Breakfasts, Side Dishes, Snacks and Dessert Recipes
  • Simplify and Automate Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping And Cooking
  • Start Your Healthy Eating Journey Today – It’s Good For You And Your Family
  • Learn To Cook Real Healthy, Allergen Free Meals That Are Full Of Flavor
  • Connect, Share, And Network! Join Our Private Facebook Community Of Hundreds Of Real Healthy Recipe Fans

R.H.R. Daily

Enjoy Thousands of Delicious Recipes, and Weekly Menus from Fat Loss Chef Diana Keuilian without grains, dairy, soy, sugar or gluten.

How it works


Diana plans your breakfasts, dinners, sides and snacks. Drag and drop your favorite recipes onto your calendar.


Diana makes your shopping easier with printable and smart phone displayed grocery lists, organized by store section to make shopping quick and easy!


Diana’s most popular and tested recipes for flavorful, wholesome meals that are easy to print or read on any device.

Join the R.H.R family!

Join the RHR Daily Community and see how easy it is to cook clean healthy and delicious meals that are good for you and your entire family!

Imagine if you had an automated menu planning system that organized your cooking for the entire week, generated your grocery list, saved you time, and helped your family eat better and lose weight.

Imagine if every delicious recipe was built around low carb, grain-free dishes all from Fat Loss Chef and Recipe Hacker Cookbook Author, Diana Keuilian.

That's why thousands of home cooks (busy moms and dads just like you) worldwide use and trust RHR Daily™ – because it puts your ENTIRE menu planning, grocery list making, and new recipe finding system on autopilot so you can feed your family flavorful meals that are good for them.

Each week RHR Daily™ automatically delivers a menu with new recipes for you and your family to make and enjoy. The result... more shared healthy family meals, increased weight loss, better nutrition, more time saved AND more praise for you – without the stress or hassle of finding what to cook today.

Hi, I’m Diana Keuilian

They call me the recipe hacker.

We’re living in a toxic food culture, where processed and denatured foods are convenient, cheap, and plentiful; where eating healthfully takes focused intention, forethought, and creativity. It’s easier to settle for a life lived on packaged foods than to consciously seek out wholesome nourishment; to eat the way of the masses rather than forging our own path. But indifference to nutrition comes at precious cost, and as obesity and its related diseases become ordinary, sooner or later a reckoning day will arrive and you will be confronted with the very real, very grim consequences of this modern diet. I don’t want this for you. You deserve better.

And luckily, there is a solution.

It is time to return to a diet that is primarily composed of unadulterated, real food. It is time to stand up for your health. It is time to swim against the current. My goal with RHR Daily is to provide you with menus, recipes, grocery lists, inspiration, tools, and tips to fuel your real-food journey. Feeling the synergistic power of a real-food diet is only one meal away.

Why did you click over to this site? Was it the scrumptious-looking food? Or was it my mischievous smile? (Ha!) Those reasons are fun, but I’m betting you have something bigger on your mind--a real need for change. My guess is that something’s got to give. Maybe your weight is higher than ever, you are beginning to dread doctor visits more and more, or you’re dealing with food allergies that are causing you to be bloated and giving you possible concerns about autoimmune disease. Or maybe your family has recently experienced a health crisis. Or your children are eating the way they see you eat and are headed down a worrisome path. Regardless of what got you this far, the solution hinges on one thing…your diet. As in the foods that you’ve cooked and enjoyed for decades; the meals that you’ve shared with family and friends through the good times and the bad.

You need to change the way you cook and eat if you want to change the way to look and feel.

You are not alone. The current health crisis in our society makes it pretty clear that our modern diet is doing a lot of harm. As obesity, diabetes and chronic disease become the norm, we have to ask ourselves what we are collectively doing wrong when it comes to the foods that we choose to eat. The facts show us that we live in a toxic food environment and the future is looking pretty bleak for our children and our children’s children if we don’t make swift and steady strides to get back on track to a wholesome, healthy way of eating.

It may sound daunting, but here’s the fact of the matter: If we all started making 80 percent of our meals at home and cut out the grains, dairy, soy, gluten, and cane sugar from our kitchens, we could nip obesity and obesity-related diseases in the bud in one generation. So why not start now? It makes little difference if you are beginning this real journey for your vanity—because you want to lose weight and look amazing for the first time in your life—or if you're making changes because of health concerns. Either way, your results will be spectacular and you'll be very glad that you began. That said, I don’t blame you for feeling a significant amount of resistance to the idea of changing the foods that you cook and eat. Food is fuel, but it’s also so much more than that—it’s love. It’s comfort. It’s tradition. It’s fun. It’s enjoyment. It’s quite literally a part of who you are. Changing how you cook and eat feels like changing who you are…and that’s scary.

- Chef Diana

Oh by the way...Risk free hassle free trial! I want you to try the Real Healthy Recipe Club for an entire month and see if it's right for you and your entire family, and if you don't absolutely love the done for you meal planning, grocery shopping list, monthly cookbooks and thousands of delicious, healthy recipes then let me know and I'll instantly cancel your membership and issue you a full refund. Fair enough? :-)

Eat in a way that your future self will thank you for.

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